BBC 100 Women Challenge

I have always been interested in using technology, data, and science in meaningful ways as well as contributing to social good =)

Most recently I contributed remotely from Denver, CO, to the BBC 100 Women Challenge. I was with team “Sparkles & Snaps”, led by artificial intelligence specialist Rumman Chowdury and software engineer Natalia Margolis. We built a speech recognition app, “all-ai”, to help track meeting dynamics and encourage speaking up.

We used a combination of speech recognition and natural language processing, together with requisite data extraction, transformation, and web application development to create this proof-of-concept gender-neutral app within ~3 intense days. The fun and camaraderie made the experience truly memorable!

Here are some highlights:

  • i) DEMO: all-ai – an app to empower.
    Click image to watch demo @ BBC World Demo-video

  • ii) VIDEO: Final day challenge solutions revealed at Facebook-HQ in SF

  • iii) Documentary Broadcast: Aired on BBC World News TV over the weekend of 18/19th Nov 2017